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We believe that this generation will carry the presence of God and speak the mind of God. We want them to grow into a strong and healthy relationship with Him.


We approach those goals through revival worship, Spiritual pursuit, revival teaching and preaching.


We seek to bring children into age-appropriate worship where they can belong to the family of God, grow in their relationship with Christ, learn to serve, and then go share Christ in the world! We strive to do this through our Sunday Revival Encounters.


Take IT To The Streets is our outreach team and a time where we go out, be the church, and impact our city.

We split up into groups and go to various locations throughout our city, loving and praying for people.


We ask them 2 simple questions.


1) Is there anything I can pray with you about?

2) Do you go to church anywhere?

Just by asking these simple questions doors open and lives are being impacted. Take It To The Streets is a time where we put our faith into action.


We step out of our comfort zone and let the Holy Spirit move through us.

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GOD created the covenant of marriage to be between one man and one woman. It is HIS will that marriage would be a demonstration of HIS perfect love. But, there is an all-out assault against marriage, to pervert the love of GOD.


The Marriage Ministry of The Turning Point Ministries will “build a hedge” around marriages, “stand in the gap” for those under assault and proclaim the perfect love of GOD.


God’s covenant of marriage between one man and one woman must and will stand because the “TWO SHALL BE ONE” our goal is to provide Biblical insight, relational support and assistance, and accountability to those endeavoring to be married and to those who have experienced a marital breakdown.


The Marriage Ministry seeks to build God-centered relationships that will stand the test of time, bring Glory, and Honor to GOD.        


Intercession is the life source of The Turning Point Ministries.

We believe that God does nothing on the Earth, without first revealing it to His servants as told to us in Amos 3:7.


Our mandate, as Intercessors, is to be people who are aware of, well versed in, and astute in the language of the Heart of God, as it relates to people, places, & things.


Our objective is to simply, “Pray on site  insight”…unto He glory of our God. History belongs to the Intercessor, and we intend to leave our mark.  



The Turning Point Ministries mission is to facilitate conversation between heaven and earth in a worship setting.


We aim to serve as spiritual compasses that direct the hearts of believers towards the presence of The Lord while navigating atmospheres through music, intercession, and prophecy.”  

  • Men of Standard: Men's Ministry 

  • The Whole Woman: Women's Ministry 

  • Living Single: Singles Ministry